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Welcome to the Stoney Creek School of Art—A Place Where The Creative Spirit Can Grow!

The Stoney Creek School of Art is open to students of all ages and abilities. Previous knowledge and skill base is not mandatory in any of our classes.

We believe that all students can learn. We take this to heart in every way—whether it is learning how to draw or how to make a friend!

Come and join us to create works of art in an environment where your creative spirit can grow!



Winter 2017 Sessions for kids, teens and adults

Our Saturday and Monday night session programs are now up on the website. Call or e-mail Lisa for availability.

Classes include: Drawing and Painting, Sculpting, Cartooning, Crafty World, Adult Painting, Teen Drawing and Painting.

Adult Classes are up and running for the new year!




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PLEASE NOTE: Tax Receipts for the 2015 year will no longer be issued. For tax receipts for the current 2016 year please request them via e-mail before Dec. 31st, 2016.