Photo Speak

March 10, 2011

Last Saturday the Photography class had the privilege to listen to a working and award winning photographer.

That photographer was Dave Landry.

He is best known for this equine photography in the art world. Dave spoke to his life as a photographer and his vast knowledge of photography equipment. Dave also discussed the planning aspect of shooting a photograph and how most of the time spent isn’t necessarily on location, it’s mostly done before hand in the planning stages. Our instructor Andrea speaks to the students of this simple fact every time they leave to go on a shoot. Dave talked to the class about  the environment playing a big part in your work, he said that on a sunny day you could take 100’s of great photos, but on the rainy or foggy days you might come away with only one great shot and that one shot could be the shot that wins an award!

I thank Dave very much for coming to the art school to talk to the class and share his knowledge, experience and stories with us!

Please take some to look through Dave’s website at his amazing photos!

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